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What is Pipe Coating?

Pipe coating is a process used to repair old, leaking plumbing pipes by leaving the pipe structure in place and coating the interior of the pipes with an poly urea resin coating.

The Process

The pipe is cleaned with a high speed cabling machine with a chain knocker attachment and centering brushes. Once the tuberculation and debris are removed, the remaining debris are flushed with water and dried. The pipe coating machine has two motor driven pumps that pump unmixed 2 part modified poly urea resin down reusable tubing to a static mixer/application brush that spins, mixing the resin, then spreading it on the wall of the pipe as the operator retrieves the assembly of hoses. The high speed cable machine with a static mixing brush / applicator, and CCTV sewer camera to watch as the resin is mixed and applied.

The process achieves a fully structural like new pipe by rebuilding the pipe with the resin system. The system applies approximately 13/64″ or 0.5mm of resin per layer applied. If applying a 1/16″ of material, you would apply about 3 coats. If your pipe is cracked or has other structural defects, your thickness may need additional coats.

This process compliments sewer or drain pipe lining for those areas of pipe that have multiple tie-ins and directional changes. This process requires no tie-in reinstatement.

Pipe Coating can be used in any type of structure that has plumbing. Residential properties, Commercial properties, HVAC systems, Hospitals, Apartments, Schools, Historical buildings, Retirement homes, and more.

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